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Before Your Surgery:

•Do not eat or drink anything including water after midnight the evening before your surgery


•Do not smoke or chew gun after midnight the evening before your surgery


•Please do not drink alcohol 24 hours before your surgery


•Take only the medications your physician or nurse provides you with the morning of your surgery


•If you take medication for high blood pressure, diabetes or nervous disorders contact your surgeon prior to surgery


•Stop taking Asprin and Plavix 5 days before your surgery 


•If there is a possibility of pregnancy please notify the surgeon, due to medications and anesthesia being harmful 


•If you feel ill or have a fever call your physician as soon as possible.


•If your surgery involves anesthesia, you should arrange for someone to drive you home and care for you. 


Morning of Surgery:


•Arrive one hour prior to scheduled surgery with photo ID and Insurance Card


•Bathe the morning of your surgery, make sure your hair is dry and don't use hairspray


•Do not wear any makeup


•Wear loose fitting and casual clothes


•Leave your valuables at home


•Bring a list of all prescriptions you are currently taking


•Bring a written list of known allergies

After Your Surgery:

•Do not drive, sign important papers or make critical decisions for at least 24 hours


•Do not operate heavy machinery, power tools, etc for at least 24 hours


•Do not drink alcohol for at least 24 hours


•Your surgeon will provide you with post-operative instructions regarding diet, rest, and medications


•Call your surgeon if there are any problems or questions


•If it is an emergency go to your nearest ER or medical clinic 


•Schedule any appointments for follow up care with your surgeon


•Take care of yourself and listen to your surgeons instructions in order to have the best possible recovery 


•Be patient. Recovery from any surgery can take anywhere from 6 weeks to a year

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